Toxic workplaces and burnout with Fiona Kearns

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Do you work in a toxic workplace? Where you are pushed beyond your limits, rather than being looked after? Where you constantly strive for recognition and yet doubt your own abilities, thinking you’re not good enough? Perhaps you have hit burnout and yet cannot make yourself leave, and think it’s all your fault that you ‘can’t cope’?

In this episode, I explore how the internal pressure we put on ourselves to never fail is combined with the external pressure to perform in toxic workplaces, together with Fiona Kearns. We explore how you can recover from burnout due to toxic workplaces, and regain your confidence.

Fiona Kearns is a Business Psychologist who helps people get rid of self-doubt, own their skillset and feel confident about playing huge in life and work. Fiona is the author of ‘How to Increase your Confidence’ and she specialises in helping leaders fulfil their potential in business. She loves the thrill of helping clients manage their imposter syndrome to become confident, visible and more impactful.

We cover:

  • ‘Coping’ with toxic workplaces
  • Losing confidence and doubting self
  • Recovery and forgiveness around burnout
  • Burnout in the working environment
  • Managers lacking people skills
  • High performance does come from whipping
  • Challenges in a toxic workplace
  • Scapegoat culture
  • Obsession with being busy not focused on wellbeing
  • Work wellbeing impacts overall wellbeing
  • Women missing out on opportunities
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Competence vs confidence
  • Quickest route to reclaiming confidence


Find more from Fiona at www.kearnsconsultancy.com


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media

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Michaela Thomas

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