Body Image and Imperfection, with Holli Rubin

Do you feel bad about the way you look? Does seeing yourself in the mirror trigger thoughts like “I’m not good enough, attractive enough, thin enough?” 

Do you compare yourself to other people, thinking they look better than you?

You’re not alone. 

In this episode, I speak with psychotherapist Holli Rubin about body image, and feelings we have about our bodies, and how unrealistic ‘body positivity’ can be for those with a negative body image. 


Holli Rubin is a psychotherapist, body image specialist and mental health practitioner with over 25 years’ experience where she has been commissioned by the Government Equalities Office and is part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image. 

We cover:

  • Connection between our physical selves and our emotions
  • The lens we view our appearance with
  • Body image isn’t vanity
  • Feelings about our body aren’t fixed
  • Social media/imagery feed our comparison
  • Questioning the images we see – retouching
  • All bodies have imperfections
  • Body neutrality rather than positivity
  • Mindset shifts around what our bodies do for us
  • Cosmetic surgery and body dysmorphia
  • The transmission of negative body image from mother to child
  • Embracing changing body shape in pregnancy

Body dysmorphia NHS guidance

Mind guidance on body dysmorphia

Find an IAPT service

Find out more about Holli on her website www.hollirubin.com

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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media

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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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