Procrastination and perfectionism, with Alexander Rozental

In this episode I speak to Alexander Rozental about procrastination and perfectionism.

Alexander Rozental is a Licensed Psychologist in Sweden, with a PhD from the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, and he is presently a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Centre for Psychiatry Research at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Alexander has published research and a book on the subject of procrastination and perfectionism. 

We talk about –

05:11 How Alexander got into this area of study
05:46 Using CBT to combat perfectionism
06:26 Online intervention
07:56 Why do people procrastinate?
09:09 The connection between perfectionism and procrastination
11:50 The effects of procrastination
15:09 A model to change this behaviour
20:01 Using apps to limit distractions
21:20 Goal setting and sub-goals
23:58 Does Alexander procrastinate?
26:27 How procrastination can affect couples’ relationships
28:56 Alexander’s take away for you


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media