Parenting Beyond Birth, with Sophie Burch

In this week’s conversation I talk to Sophie Burch about taking care of our mental and relationship health before and after birth.

Sophie Burch aka The Mamma Coach is on a mission to put mental wellbeing more on the map in pregnancy, birth and parenting.  She has 14 years as a mother to 4 boys (including twins), as a perinatal therapist and coach, and a birth trauma and PND survivor.  Her experience has shaped who she is and awakened her to a life of compassion and deep empathy for everyone from pre-conception through parenting to menopause.  Her approach is simple: to allow people to feel held and heard, safe and worthy of love and self-acceptance.

We talk about:

 4:10 Sophie’s own story and mental health struggles

9:15 The birth of Sophie’s twins

13:36 The ripple effect of taking care of your mental health

15:55 Teaching practitioners as well as parents

19:40 Working within our current pre and post-natal systems

20:34 The experience of fatherhood

22:07 Post-natal depression in fathers

25:00 The pressures of the patriarchy

27:15 Nurturing ourselves

30:34 The challenges of parenthood for over-achievers

31:36 Intrusive thoughts

32:03 Loss of identity

33:35 Expectations and perfectionism

34:50 Recognising that you are struggling  

35:48 The effect of parenting on couples’ relationships

38:08 The importance of a compassionate relationship while parenting

39:40 Resentment and unrealistic expectations

43:40 Preparing for stormy seas together

46:26 Modelling compassion to our children

48:39 the Nourish app

50:29 How Sophie pauses

51:50 Visualisation

53:10 Play – dancing and bouncing

55:18 Sophie’s takeaway for you


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