Imperfect parenting, with Catherine Hallissey

Catherine Hallissey is a chartered psychologist, parenting coach and mother-of-five young kids. She’s the founder of Reclaim Parenthood, an online parenting membership. She helps parents use the power of relationship and connection to address parenting challenges, create more peace and harmony at home and help children become more confident and resilient.

8:00 Restraint collapse and comparing home and school behaviour
9:45 Overcoming triggering behaviour
11:54 Vulnerability over shortcomings
14:38 Past experiences affecting your parenting style
15:54 Embracing imperfection in ourselves
18:54 Healthy repair of ruptures
22:40 Rejection and forgiveness
25:08 Self-compassion and parenting
27:42 Self care for ourselves
29:00 Amplifying good moments with our kids
30:58 Revenge bedtime procrastination
32:56 Finding the balance between having time for yourself and getting enough sleep

Find out more about Catherine at www.catherinehallissey.com

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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media

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Michaela Thomas

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