Finding purpose through disability, with Heidi Herkes

How can we survive and thrive after the worst possible happens?

How can we reconnect with our purpose, when tragedy strikes and our path is forever altered?

Heidi Herkes shares a journey of overcoming paralysis in the hope to inspire and empower. She talks about how challenges are what makes life interesting but overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

In this episode we cover –

4:53 The physical and mental effects of Heidi’s accident
6:10 Reconnecting with hope
7:16 Darker moments
8:28 Worrying about the life long impact of disability
9:03 Innovation in technology to help live with disability
10:37 Prejudice and representation
12:27 Reconnecting with creativity
14:47 Changing the outside changes the inside
15:41 Finding your purpose
16:08 Positive mindset
17:52 Toxic positivity
18:38 Sex with a disability
21:32 Emotional impact on Heidi’s relationship
22:42 Knowing your worth
26:32 Coping with lockdown
28:42 Inspiration for others
30:55 Heidi’s take away for you

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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media