Dealing with Comparison Culture at Christmas

In the previous episodes I have talked about festive perfectionism and festive burnout – basically from doing all the things, and trying to do them perfectly.

This week, I want to continue the theme by thinking about comparison culture at Christmas.

If you feel upset after you’ve seen other people’s pretty Christmas photos, with their kids in matching pyjamas and being all smiles in front of the tree, whilst your kids are murdering each other in the background in your own house, and you draw a deep sigh about the chaos, then this is for you.

I’ll keep it brief, as I know you have a lot on in December. My operations manager and I were reflecting on that over text message this week, with her saying ‘December is a joke’ and me replying ‘December is a joke that isn’t funny’.

I’ve connected with several people through my act of rebellion against a gingerbread house in a recent Instagram reel – yes, I gave it the finger. No, I’m not a Grinch. Go check it out, for the lolz, as the kids say.

The overwhelm is REAL. I’ve noticed that part of that overwhelm and perfectionistic pressure around the holidays is also linked to comparison culture. I was recently interviewed about perfectionism in the Christmas dossier for Psychologies magazine, so you can check that out too for more inspiration around how to let go of perfectionism at Christmas.

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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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