Balance and purpose for entrepreneurs, with Polly Lavarello

Do you dream of working for yourself, but procrastinate starting or thinking you won’t be good enough?

In this episode I talked to Polly Lavarello about the struggles and benefits of entrepreneurship as a ‘company of one’, and how perfectionism used to hold her back from finding freedom, balance and purpose.

Polly Lavarello is the go-to Facebook Ad Strategist for coaches and online course creators. Also founder of the Launch Pad, an online membership to support female entrepreneurs to promote their online businesses authentically, sustainably and powerfully.

Polly used her experience working in a marketing agency to successfully build her own business from scratch after having her first child, and for the following six years has continued to help other female entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses of their own.

6:28 The change in life balance that comes with motherhood

7:50 Being an example for her children

8:15 Managing the balance as an entrepreneur

9:28 The life-changing influence of community

10:14 Why is it hard to make time for yourself?

12:30 The benefits to being an online business

17:49 Polly’s feminist drive

19:03 Struggling with perfectionism

22:42 Pause – planning the month around hormonal cycles

23:25 The mistake of multitasking

24:30 Actually switching off – using do not disturb, nature and cooking

26:13 Moving away from reactive working and setting goals

28:30 Managing mental overload

31:17 Support through coaching and group coaching

39:30 Finding play that suits you

41:28 Polly’s takeaway for you


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media