The Secret to Getting Ahead, is Getting Started

It’s hard to get started. When we fear something, we are more likely to procrastinate. The inner critical voice shows up and has an opinion. It’s fearful of failure, so naturally it would show up when we’re trying to do something new. Something which means stepping out of the comfort zone.

If you only look at where you currently are, and seeing all that you haven’t yet mastered, you’re likely to feel daunted. Stuck. Overwhelmed. Looking up at the next mountain towering over you.

But life isn’t just one mountain, it’s a mountain range of peaks and valleys. Of challenges and of rest.

If you also look back down, you’ll see that you’ve already wandered really far, climbed a few peaks on this mountain range already.

So the secret to getting up the next mountain, is to start the climb.

Join Michaela Thomas on this first episode of The Pause Purpose Play podcast, covering how hard it is for ambitious professionals to get started, have support, appreciate their achievements and also knowing when to slow down and take in the view.


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media