Power Thoughts with Natalie Costa

In this episode, Natalie Costa, performance coach, author and founder of Power Thoughts, talks about how we support our children’s emotional wellbeing, to build greater confidence and resilience by noticing their inner critic and also sitting with their big feelings.

We end this episode thinking about how we can support children returning back to school in September, after the Coronavirus crisis.


Natalie Costa provides a teaching and coaching service designed to give children the ‘power’ over their own thoughts. With a background in psychology and having spent 12 years within the educational sector as well as becoming an accredited Performance Coach, Power Thoughts was born – which blends her past experience and deep understanding of children and their needs, now providing them with the tools to help them cope and thrive in the modern world.

Natalie has been featured in national press and TV, such as Stella Magazine, BBC Breakfast, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Good Morning Britain and had co-authored two books called “Find your Power” and “Stretch your Confidence”.

3:50 – Natalie’s busy mind, and what she does to take a break from productivity

7:02 – Switching off through pausing and being still, versus switching off with creativity

10:20 – Rewriting the belief that it has to be hard work to be successful

12:04 – Finding purpose, fulfilment and opportunity in an evolving start up business

15:30 – Helping children to be aware of their internal dialogue, their inner critic

18:10 – Becoming mindful of Big Feelings, locating them in the body

19:54 – The power of breath and Take Five Breathing exercise

21:45 – The internal weather report of feelings, to get the power back and self-soothe

24:39 – How we create purpose and meaning for children, what lights you up?

28:35 – Working on our own confidence and inner critic alongside our children

29:40 – Coping with negative thoughts with the compassionate voice we use with friends

33:20 – The power of modelling to our children all the feelings, not trying to be perfect

35:16 – Returning to school after COVID-19, having done the best you could in a crisis

37:40 – The life lessons from lockdown around resilience, adaptation and dealing with grief

41:10 – The importance of play for both adults and children, helping them soothe feelings


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media