The power of ADHD, with Michelle Minnikin

The power of ADHD, with Michelle Minnikin

Does your brain run a million miles an hour, and it’s hard to stop?
Do you have cycles of either procrastinating or being hyperfocused on a task, to the point of burnout?

In this episode, I talk to Michelle Minnikin about her experience of the ups and downs of living with ADHD.

Michelle Minnikin is a Chartered Psychologist and Coach. She’s the Captain of Work Pirates and Co-Founder of Inspiration North. She was diagnosed as having ADHD just before her 42nd birthday and suddenly her world made sense!

We talk about 

06:00 Thriving off rules, structure and routine
12:05 Struggling with organisation 

12:58 Fulfilling potential and recognizing strengths

15:18 Hiding coping strategies

17:59 “Good girl” conditioning

19:10 Using up energy to “fit in”

21:37 Rejection sensitivity dysphoria = the pain of criticism

22:30 Neurodiversity

23:26 The diagnosis stopped feelings of ‘being rubbish’

26:00 Anger over being mistreated

28:53 The strengths of ADHD

31:29 ADHD in men and women

33:40 Calming the brain with medication

35:50 Coming to terms with your true self

43:48 Playing Big

Michelle Minnikin | LinkedIn

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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media

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Michaela Thomas

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