Taking a Break Before You Break

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Struggling to slow down, to take a break?

I see people be so reluctant to press pause, that they get forced to come to a full stop when their body says no.

The first step to able to take a break is to realise that you are struggling to do it. Perhaps you are caught up in overworking, living your life in the fast lane?

If you are constantly busy, you may ignore your body’s signals that you need a break.

In this brief solo episode, I discuss overperformance and simple steps you can take to slow down and take a break, before you break.

If this episode has been helpful, make sure to download my freebie, Calm the Overwhelm on www.thethomasconnection.co.uk/calm and work your way through the checklists around signs of overwhelm, steps you can take to slow down and what is getting in the way of taking a break.

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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media

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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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