Nourish yourself, with Sara Campin

Do you take time for you, to nourish yourself as a mother?

This week, I am speaking to Sara Campin. Sara is a mum of two, a personal development coach and founder of Nourish, a new wellbeing app for mums offering bite-sized wellbeing & calm in your pocket.

Sara is a passionate advocate of all things that nourish the mind and is on a mission to empower mums to look after their mental health & wellbeing by making self-care easy and accessible for them. The Nourish app is a curated library of on-demand videos, audios and quick reads across mindfulness, breathing, yoga nidra, psychology and more, all tailor-made for mums by a team of wellbeing experts.

We talk about

3:11 The Nourish app

3:56 Sara’s own struggles with motherhood and mental health

7:30 Taking time for yourself

9:44 Sara’s ongoing challenges with anxiety

11:31 The impact of perfectionism on motherhood

13:51 Failing at routines

17:45 Creating a safe space to share in

20:26 The effects of the pandemic on mothers’ socialisation

22:10 Mothers’ mental health and family mental health

24:44 Sara’s advice for her past self

28:17 A toolkit for challenging times

29:30 Prioritising self care

36:39 Sara’s take away for you

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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media