Coping with grief, with Marianne Trent

Dr Marianne Trent is a Clinical Psychologist and author of The Grief Collective: Stories of Life, Loss & Learning to Heal. She weaves a compassionate approach through all of her specialist trauma, grief and eating disorders work with clients

  • What is grief?
  • Grieving things that never got to be
  • Traumatic loss
  • Yearning for the absent
  • Loss of self-referencing
  • Grief and trauma combined
  • Permission to feel joy again
  • Not wanting to move forward
  • Difference between grief and depression
  • Bereavement counselling/grief therapy
  • Processing transitions
  • EMDR therapy
  • Talking about our grief and not being okay
  • Grief/loss in the pandemic
  • Compassionate leave and kindness to self
  • Crying as help seeking



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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media

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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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