Compassion for anger, with Russell Kolts

Do you get angry? We all do, it’s human. If you are hard on yourself for your anger, or want to find ways of relating to your anger differently, tune into this episode with Dr Russell Kolts. 

Dr. Russell Kolts is a clinical psychologist and Professor at Eastern Washington University, USA. He has worked with anger issues in combat veterans, sexual assault survivors, children and adolescents, and the developmentally disabled.

In addition to teaching at the university, Dr Kolts runs a practice focused upon mindfulness and the purposeful cultivation of compassion in the Buddhist tradition. He has volunteered at a local state prison where he has worked with prisoners in addressing anger using meditation and the cultivation of compassion.

We cover:

5:30 Compassion focused therapy

6:25 Expressing anger towards people we love

7:57 The compassionate approach to anger

10:10 Avoidance of our problems

12:41 Working with his own anger

13:40 Modelling to our children

15:48 Motivation for change

16:37 Letting go of shame

17:49 Shame vs guilt

18:48 Self-compassion

19:22 The challenge of asking for help

19:50 Why seek a therapist

21:25 Anger directed inwards

22:40 Anger as a secondary emotion

25:05 Compassion towards others

26:27 Russell’s take away for you

Book – The Compassionate Mind Guide to Managing your Anger

Russell’s TED talk: Anger, Compassion, and What It Means To Be Strong | Russell Kolts | TEDxOlympia – YouTube

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