Stepping up without burning out, with Katy Murray

In this episode, I’m speaking to leadership coach Katy Murray (Katy Catalyst) about how to step up to your ambition, passion and potential – without burning out.

Katy leads Catalyst Collective a boutique consultancy focusing on Equity Inclusion and Diversity. She coaches change making leaders and entrepreneurs 1-1 and leads the Mastermind Change Making Women.

02:39 Katy explains how she works with leaders and change-makers

04:07 How to step up without burning out

05:39 Katy’s experience of getting close to burn out

06:45 Making yourself find a sustainable pace

07:35 So much of our learning comes from mistakes

10:05 How resilience can help us in these difficult times

13:15 The need for leaders to relearn self-compassion

15:08 Thinking about your wider network

16:20 Creating a new, less isolated, form of leadership

18:13 Toxic gratitude

19:12 How Katy finds pause in her life

22:40 Three questions to ask yourself every day

26:05 Lowering expectations to create space

29:44 Setting expectations, with the example of email auto-responders

32:20 Two questions for clarifying purpose and acknowledging success

37:23 How Katy finds joy and play in her life

40:27 Finding play in the workplace

44:30 Katy’s gift for you


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media