Perfectionism and Generational Trauma with Zoe Blaskey

perfectionism and burnout
In this episode, we explore how generational trauma and self-criticism is ‘handed down’ from our parents as a blueprint for how we then parent ourselves. I talk to transformational coach and host of the Motherkind podcast, Zoe Blaskey, about her recovery journey from perfectionism and alcohol. We discuss how inherited patterns aren’t our fault, but it IS our responsibility to notice and become aware of them. With gentle, compassionate noticing of our self-critical thoughts and perfectionistic behaviours, we have a choice of which thought to believe in and which action to then take. We also let go of the pressure to parent perfectly, embracing the fact that we WILL ‘mess up’ our kids. How almost breaking from becoming a mum lead to creating Motherkind The cycle of ‘Hurt, heal, help’ Pain leading to a deeper level of understanding and purpose Recovery journey – a daily practice Perfectionism as a survival tactic that doesn’t help in the long term Motherhood made negative coping mechanisms resurface Parents handing down a faulty road map Developing an internal kind parental voice Clarity in values makes hard stuff worth it Journalling gives choice over which thoughts to listen to Can’t change until you’ve sat with the pain for long enough Generational cycles of trauma Choosing one thing to change – trusting yourself Constant state of flux instead of ‘balance’ Boundaries have costs Find out more about Zoe at www.motherkind.co Instagram: @zoeblaskey
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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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