Passion and purpose through pain and rebellion, with Holly Matthews

Passion and purpose through pain and rebellion, with Holly Matthews

This episode features a deep and personal conversation with Holly Matthews, a TV actress turned self-development coach, about the themes of bravery, authenticity, and dealing with grief. Holly shares her journey, starting with her early career in television, her approach to living with bravery and courage rather than confidence, and how writing a bold letter as a child kickstarted her acting career. She discusses the importance of having awkward, gray-area conversations, embracing life’s nuances, and how she challenges herself to live boldly. Holly also opens up about the impact of her husband Ross’s death from brain cancer on her and her children, how she navigated grief, and how the experience reinforced her determination to help others feel ‘more happy and less crappy.’ The conversation touches on dealing with ADHD, the value of asking for what you want, and the importance of dropping the ball sometimes to manage the juggle of life’s challenges. Holly also provides insights into dealing with online negativity, emphasizing the power of seeing oneself through others’ eyes and maintaining authenticity in the face of criticism.

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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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