My Spacious Adventure 4 – The Courage Piece

This podcast is the concluding part of my Spacious Adventure series. I discuss the concept of courage, reflecting on my experiences of solo travels, and the idea of courage as more important than confidence when stepping out of your comfort zone. I share my approach to planning, balancing structure with the freedom of spontaneity, and the importance of understanding one’s limits and comfort levels in creating new experiences. I also underscore the significance of having a support system and planning one’s journey in a nuanced manner and invite you the listeners to join a free four-day challenge titled ‘Your Spacious Year’ starting on 19th March 2024, and also the option of joining a retreat in Vietnam planned for March 2025.

00:00 Introduction and Overview

00:46 The Importance of Courage and Bravery

01:58 Understanding Neural Pathways and Personal Growth

02:41 Reframing Confidence and Embracing Courage

04:08 The Role of Support Systems and Personal Understanding

05:55 Planning Your Adventure on Your Terms

10:02 The Courage to Be Vulnerable and Take Risks

11:44 Creating a Spacious Year: A Challenge

12:51 Invitation to the Vietnam Retreat

13:33 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Join the FREE 4-day challenge to create your spacious year:


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Michaela Thomas
Michaela Thomas

Senior Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

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