Lessons on life and love from 2020

2020 has been a tough year, with so much tension on our shoulders.

How much pressure comes from the outside, of furlough and financial strain and loved ones struggling? And how much pressure comes from the inside, adding pressure onto your burden with your own expectations to be perfect?

Pressure to home school perfectly, pressure to get everything done on the to do list despite being demotivated, pressure to get fit with Joe Wicks despite wanting to lie down on the sofa, eating chocolate. Pressure to make the most of the lockdown, learning new things, renovating the house or learning to bake banana bread and cultivate sourdough.

In this episode, I reflect on a few things I have seen in my clinic over the past year, some of the lessons on life and love I have heard my clients come to. The main thing being things being the space to reflect on what really matters when the busyness and engagements in the diary have been dropped.

I have seen clients start to consider even childhood experiences and be reminded of earlier traumas and losses. We are all in a collective trauma, with a universally shared stress response.

We also set up the upcoming couples relationship specials we will be doing on the podcast after this episode, before entering the second season in February.


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media