Banishing burnout, with Nicky Lowe

In this episode, I talk to Executive Coach and founder of Wisdom for Working Mums, Nicky Lowe about when her body told her in no uncertain terms to pause. She experienced burnout in a corporate career, following her high standards and need for striving.

Nicky is a qualified and accredited Executive Coach who is an advocate for achievement orientated, motivated, ambitious women who also want to be amazing mums. She’s spent the last 15 years being invited by some of the world’s largest organisations to support their leaders as an executive coach. Many of these are working mums and this led her to contribute to the book “Mentoring for Working Parents” based on her experience. As a busy working mum of 2 she knows only too well the challenges of combining motherhood with the work that fulfils her. Her passion is helping women combine their work and motherhood in a successful and sustainable way – without losing their sanity or wellbeing!

03:30 Nicky finding herself trapped as a ‘corporate prisoner’ and retraining as a coach

05:45 Hitting a brick wall of exhaustion as a new mum – adrenal fatigue

09:30 How Nicky turned a painful episode into a life change

14:30 Finding the balance between motherhood and work on our own terms

20:00 Consciously choosing to pause as an ambitious woman

21:20 Redefining self worth away from productivity

24:45 What Nicky does to rest and recover

29:30 Recalibrating needs as circumstances change

32:15 How Nicky allows herself to play

35:40 Finding joy in imperfect play


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This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media