The Love & Dine Club



When: 14th of March, 6pm-8pm

Where: Sano To Go, 52 Gray’s Inn Road, Chancery Lane, WC1X 8LT

Who: For couples who want to spend an evening eating nourishing food and discovering new ideas building affection and connection with their partner

The truth about love in today’s society

We are busier than ever before, leading hectic and distracted lives. Recent research from Harvard shows that we spend almost half our time lost in thoughts about other things than what we are currently doing. So we aren’t connecting – not to ourselves and not to our partners. We feel lonelier than ever before, despite living in a hyper connected world. We spend more and more time staring at screens and less and less time physically touching each other, or chatting over a good meal.

The answer

Making efforts to slow down and reconnect to what is important to us enhances our wellbeing and happiness, and your relationship can go from languishing to flourishing. When we press pause to think about how we spend our time, together or apart from our partner, we can act with more purpose and press play again to move forward with a more meaningful life. Learning to act with kindness, empathy and compassion towards our partner, comes from also directing that same care towards ourselves.

The opportunity

Now, this is easy to read and hard to do. Practicing being kind and caring towards yourself and your partner is tricky when we feel overwhelmed or beyond busy. So come join us for an evening of good food and conversation around how to reconnect with our partner and our purpose. The Love & Dine Club is an opportunity to wind down and come together with your partner in a new way, curiously learning about how to let love flow in your relationship and how to foster healthier habits on a day to day basis.

The setting

This is an intimate dinner in a couples supper club set up at Sano To Go, lead by experienced Couples Therapist and Clinical Psychologist Michaela Thomas, founder of The Thomas Connection.
The ticket includes two hours of dining and informal teaching, enjoying a three course meal and non alcoholic drinks. The evening will be kicked off with a delicious chocolate meditation and concluded with setting an intention of how to go forward in your life and relationship after this evening.

You might come feeling empty and drained and will leave feel full
– of healthy nutrition, insight and connection.

If you want to know more about The Thomas Connection or see other upcoming events, please visit

Sano To Go, 52 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8LT