Understand ADHD Burnout – Strategies and Support

It’s easy to feel lost in the whirlwind of life’s demands, especially when grappling with ADHD. This blog post, inspired by the “Understanding ADHD Burnout” podcast episode of Pause Purpose Play with Michaela Thomas, is a gentle reminder that you’re not alone and that it IS possible to understand and navigate the complexities of ADHD burnout. 

A Compassionate Look at ADHD Burnout

Whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, the experience of burnout is challenging and potentially life-altering. For those with an ADHD brain, however, this journey has its unique twists and turns. The struggle between relentless doing and complete stalling becomes evident when we approach the festive season. 

The ADHD brain can either get into this frantic, overproductive, hyper-focused mode – or get stuck in inertia, like the meerkat or the slot. The meerkat operates on a frantic, anxious energy and is easily distracted – it has FOMO and has to spot everything. The sloth is stuck in inertia and indecisiveness, and can’t get motivated to get going. Recognising the tendency to get stuck in these states is a compassionate step towards understanding ourselves and others.

The Cycle of Extremes: More Than Just ADHD

This pattern of swinging between extremes leads to a cycle of burnout. This isn’t a struggle faced by those with ADHD alone; it’s a human experience, often intensified by ADHD traits. People with chronic pain, for instance, face similar challenges, and there’s a notable overlap with the ADHD community. The heart of the matter is learning to listen to your body and acknowledge your boundaries – a skill that can be especially challenging with ADHD.

Cultivating Self-Compassion in the Face of Burnout

Offering yourself compassion is essential in this journey. Many of us with ADHD battle with feelings of being ‘too much’ and yet ‘not enough’, which fuels the cycle of burnout. This is particularly poignant for women who find themselves diagnosed with ADHD later in life, amidst significant life transitions and increasing responsibilities.

Introducing the ADHD Club: A Safe Haven for Support

Understanding the need for a supportive, empathetic community, I’m thrilled to introduce The ADHD Club. This is a sanctuary for high-achieving women dealing with ADHD. In here, I offer workshops, guided meditations, and a range of resources aimed at achieving productivity without the exhaustion of burnout. Our goal is to create a compassionate community that understands the unique journeys of those with ADHD and to offer practical, manageable guidance.

Join Us and Be Part of Our Community

If this message speaks to you, and you’re looking for a compassionate, understanding space to manage ADHD and burnout, the ADHD Club welcomes you. For more information and to become a part of our founding members, please visit thomasconnection.co.uk/adhdclub.

Remember, you are not walking this path alone. With compassion, understanding, and the right support, the journey can be a fulfilling one.