Deliciously Ella: Creating Healthy Relationships

Clinical Psychologist and Couples Therapist, Michaela Thomas, talks to us about how to build a healthy relationship, why our relationship with ourself is the cornerstone of true connection and how to navigate the pressure for perfection. from embracing our vulnerability to asking for what we need, understanding the impact of technology and how to understand and then unpick the ways in which our upbringing shapes the way we form future connections.

Wisdom for Working Mums: Overcoming Perfectionism

In this episode of Wisdom for Working Mums with Nicky Lowe, Michaela shares:
– Her definition of perfectionism and the difference between striving for perfectionism and being a perfectionist  [06.03]
– The impact of striving for perfectionism [07.01]
– How to live with high standards [8.43]
– The difference between helpful and unhelpful perfectionism  [10:55]
– The cocktail of perfectionism and motherhood; how becoming a mum with perfectionist tendencies can be difficult  [16:40]
– Her reassuring advice if we experience perfectionist tendencies [37:52]

I'm Not Your Shrink: Growing Compassion and Kindness in Your Relationship

Listen to this podcast interview with Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist as we discuss building compassion for healthy and strong relationships. We talk in depth about triggers and how they can be different for each person.

“When we bring compassion, understanding, kindness and accountability into our relationships, our love and connection blossoms.”

Mum Talk: Parental Mental Health & Relationships

In this episode of Mum Talk we discuss parental mental health, postnatal depression, baby blues, perfection, self compassion, self care and parenting, male depression, relationship changes and challenges when baby comes, managing partners expectations and so much more. I share not only my professional knowledge but also from my experience as a mother and wife. 

Inspiration North: We need more compassion and connection

Listen to this podcast interview with Inspiration North, on mental wellbeing and how to live in line with values of compassion and connection as a way to keep balance in your life. Founder of The Thomas Connection Michaela Thomas tells Michelle Minnikin and James Eves, the duo behind the Inspiration North, about living in Sweden and the difference in work culture between Sweden and the UK. You will also hear some snippets of Swedish being spoken! (Vi pratar svenska!)