Let it go and
step into the unknown


What I learned from the Frozen films

If you haven’t seen the Frozen films and you identify as having high standards for yourself, needing to be perfect or having to please people, then here is a piece of practise for you: Go and watch the Frozen films.

Especially if you are a woman who have lived your life along the ‘good girl’ mantra, being everything others want you to be. The Frozen films show you how meaningful life can be if you step out of hiding and show others who you truly are, so you can find a place to belong, and the right people to connect with.

Stepping out of hiding is a vulnerable process as you have to show others what you believe in, what you think is important and who you are on the inside. That means stepping into the unknown, tolerating the uncertainty of whether people will resonate or if you will experience a storm, a backdraft.

Following your true north, or your calling to what you think is meaningful to you, this applies to both Anna and Elsa, especially in Frozen 2. Without spoiling it for you, we witness some powerful transformations in the sequel. You could also allow yourself the permission for a transformation, walking in line of your inner compass and doing the next right thing, even if you have faltered or failed along the way. We have space for gentle returns to doing what we think is right. Even when we are lost in the woods, like Kristoff is in Frozen 2. Doing the right thing and stepping out of hiding is not a comfortable option, as both Anna and Elsa experience in the sequel, but neither is living in fear of being judged and shamed by others.

I loved this film so much that it moved me to tears in the cinema, sitting with my 3-year-old son, making a promise to myself to teach him to step into the unknown to follow what he believes in.

Do you live a life different to what you believe in? Or do you feel that your life is so busy that you feel lost in the woods?

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