Mindful Mingle

Saturday the 5th of October - 15.00-17.00 , The Recreation Rooms, Leighton Buzzard

We are all so busy with lots on our plates, no wonder you are tired and need a break. Perhaps you are longing to find ways to relax and reconnect with what is important to you in life, what truly matters. Perhaps you focus your care on others, at work or at home, and you need a bit of space to care for yourself as well, to feel less emotionally stretched. Focus on you, so you also can focus on others.

Mindful Mingle is just that – a space to focus on yourself through mindfulness exercises, relaxation practices and self-compassion visualisations. It is a chance to reconnect, with yourself and with like minded others. This event will run monthly in Leighton Buzzard, led by Clinical Psychologist and Couples Therapist Michaela Thomas, founder of The Thomas Connection. You can come once and dip your toes in, or dive deeper by coming every month in order to build up a regular self-care practice which you can take outside to your everyday life. There will be some practical elements and tasters of mindful compassion, coaching and psychology exercises, but this is a workshop style format of learning rather than a therapy group. You will also have a chance to ask a psychologist any questions you have about how we can focus on thriving, not surviving, in our lives.

Through the mingle element, it is also a chance for you to have a chat with others in the Linslade and Leighton Buzzard area, to see how we can better support each other at work and in life in this buzzing community. Like a book club for your mind. Also, there will be teas, coffees and some nutritious snack every time. Because we need to nourish our bodies as well as our minds. It is time we start treating ourselves like we would treat those we love and care for.

This first event on the 5th of October is a bit more of a party, as we are celebrating bringing these events to Leighton Buzzard, and it is important to celebrate one’s achievements. There will be coffee and cake, maybe the odd balloon, and lots of chats before and after some guided mindfulness practices. The first 10 people to sign up will also receive a goodie bag!

Saturday the 5th of October - 15.00-17.00
Mentmore road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 2NZ