Love, Passion & Compassion Webinar


The truth on love
Most people spend a lot of time and energy looking for love, and if they find it, not enough energy trying to keep it safe. Most of us have both loved and lost, drifted apart, lost our feelings. Love is one of the most written about topics in fiction and is one of the things universal around the globe, for a reason.

The problem we face
In today’s modern society, we all get so busy, that we forget to nourish that love we spent so long looking for. We start to drift away from who we once were as partners, and our love starts to dwindle. We get fixated on “fixing” love, and especially when it comes up to the holiday of Valentine’s day. There are pressures to be romantic on this day and expectations can be high on partners. Creating a pressure to be perfect, which gets in the way of connection.

Moving forward together
Life does not have to be this way – being beyond busy with the pressures of perfection and performance, and not enough time for your and your partner. You don’t have to be another statistic of break ups, separation or divorce. But it will take some work, some investment. But love does not live in grand gestures, it lives in the little things we say or do every day. The things which create meaning for you and for your partner.

If you want to know the themes in what makes love last, or figure out how to make you and your current partner get along better, or simply want to enhance an already great relationship, this special webinar is for you.

We will be covering, amongst other things:
* The bumps in the road on the relationship journey- what makes love difficult?
* The close tie between love and pain – why does love hurt?
* Who you want to be as a partner – what brings you meaning and purpose in life?
* The links between early experiences and our current behaviour in the relationship – what has shaped you?
* How to step into the best version of you – who are you on a really good day?
* Understanding compassion – can you truly be compassionate with yourself AND your partner?
* Letting love flow – how do you build a better foundation of friendship and affection between you and your partner?

Who am I?
Hi! I am Michaela Thomas, a Clinical Psychologist, couples therapist and director of The Thomas Connection. I am also married and have a toddler – I know first hand how we have to keep turning up for ourselves and our partner to keep the bond in a relationship.

This webinar will have time for questions at the end, so please prepare things you want to ask.

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