Launch Party & Wellbeing panel


Join us to celebrate the launch of The Thomas Connection!

Why are we celebrating?
Because we worked hard to launch after a rebrand to better fit with our values and ethos.

This is an evening of celebration and connection: getting a chance to meet the person behind The Thomas Connection – Clinical Psychologist Michaela Thomas – whilst nibbling on canapees and sipping on bubbly. Especially for this launch event, we have some inspiring speakers talking about wellbeing in different domains of our everyday lives – in our romantic relationships, in motherhood and in the office.

Who are The Thomas Connection?
The Thomas Connection are a private psychology company, specialising in helping people make transformational changes to their lives – be it as an individual, as a couple, in parenting or in the corporate setting. We especially help high striving people be less hard on themselves and understanding failure or mistakes as an opportunity to grow, getting unstuck from procrastination into taking action.

We believe in a world where we can find the balance to perform better without the pressure of perfection. Where we can dare to be vulnerable in order to truly connect with others, finding a place to belong. Connecting in a deeper way with each other, in a hyperconnected world where we are lonelier than ever before.

It is our mission to help people step into the best versions of themselves, so they can reach their potential and create meaningful lives. To go from chaos to clarity, with calm, compassion and connection.

Topics and speakers on the wellbeing panel:

“Being Well as a Couple”
Michaela Thomas – Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist

Michaela is Director of The Thomas Connection and the lead psychologist. She is passionate about spreading awareness of how we can let love flow in our relationships, by understanding ourselves and our partner better. Understanding what brings us together in connection, like magnets drawing each other in, and what triggers us off into conflict and endings of relationships, like magnets repelling each other. This talk will cover how we can increase the positives and decrease the negatives in loving relationships.

“Being Well as a Mother”
Sara Campin – Personal development coach & strategy consultant

Sara is the founder of the app “Nourish Your Mind”, an upcoming app to support mothers in their journey into motherhood so they can be their best selves. Sara is a passionate advocate of all things that nourish the mind. She believes we all have the potential to achieve our personal and professional ambitions and find greater harmony and balance in our busy lives. This talk will discuss the importance of self-care for mothers and how you cannot pour from an empty cup.

“Being Well in the Office”
Robin Thomas – Commercial property specialist & Partner of The Workplace Company

Robin uses his broad experience and insight into the corporate office space of London to be able to discuss important aspects of office space which contribute to being more well whilst at work. This talk will cover aspects such as how break out space is a necessity for being able to properly pause whilst at work, how crowding in too many desks in open plan offices is a contraindication for productivity and how being able to do work with a closed door can help in highly focused tasks.

What else can we expect?
Everyone who attends can take part in a give away on the night – with a chance to win a self care package or a mindfulness session with Michaela!

Charity donations

Any profits from the event will be donated to a charity Michaela is passionate about – The PANDAS Foundation (Pre And Post Natal Depression Support). They help support and advise any parent who is experiencing a perinatal mental illness.


Sano To Go, 52 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8LT