Couples Compassion Course – 8 Weeks in London

Thursday 2nd of May, 7pm - 9pm, for 8 consecutive Thursdays , London Clerkenwell



Learn to show compassion for yourself as a well as your partner, to deepen connection and let love flow.


When? | Starting Thursday 2nd of May 2019, for eight Thursdays – 19.00-21.00

Where? | Cuckooz nest, 24 Ray Street, EC1R 3DJ

Who? | Any couple who wants to strengthen their relationship by understanding compassion for themselves and their partner, in an intimate group with other couples


Why work on developing compassion?

Do you beat yourself up when you make mistakes? Do you find yourself getting stuck in loops of thinking, or struggle with motivation at times? Do you struggle to understand why we do what we do, think like we do and feel the emotions we feel? Would you like to be more in the present moment? Do you have an inner critical voice? Do you find yourself short tempered with others? Have you experienced difficult events in your life which ‘block’ you from expressing kindness to yourself or others? If yes to any of these questions, then this course based on mindfulness and compassion techniques for couples might be for you, to help you become more gentle with yourself and others and make wiser decisions for how you act in your life.

What is Compassionate Mind Training?

Compassionate Mind Training helps us facilitate compassion for ourselves and others, through learning more about how the human mind works. This course focuses on understanding how we just find ourselves here, in a complex world, with brains flawed from how we have gone through evolution. How we think, feel and act is not our fault, but rather a function of our genetic makeup and how our past and present experiences have shaped us.

On this course, you will learn how to use mindfulness techniques to be more anchored in the present moment, and use visualisation and breathing techniques to develop more a compassionate mind, both to yourself and to others. There will be a mix of theoretical teaching about the mind, body and the brain, and plenty of practical exercises to help you grow your compassionate mind. Also, doing this practice in an intimate group helps you feel safe to be vulnerable in front of others, forming a deeper connection with yourself and your partner.

The course is run over 8 sessions, lasting 2 hours each and includes audio files for practise between the sessions, as well as weekly handouts to keep. Although set up in a group format for supportive discussions, this teaching is a not a group therapy, but rather done in a workshop style format.

What will it give me?

The space to reflect on your relationship with your partner and with yourself on a weekly basis, together with a couples expert and an intimate group of other couples. The ability to step back from your thoughts, feelings and actions and figure out who is in the driving seat before you take action – being able to step into the shoes of the best version of you, a more compassionate self. All this set in a nourishing space at Sano, with hot and cold drinks of your choice and healthy snacks to keep your energy up. This is an investment in the wellbeing of both you and your relationship, to help you let love flow.

Who will guide us in developing compassion?

Michaela Thomas, founder of The Thomas Connection, is a Clinical Psychologist and experienced couples therapist, with 15 years of experience of psychology and mental health. She helps couples and individuals go from chaos to clarity, developing the best versions of themselves so they can live a fulfilling life.

To see more of Michaela talking, sign up to the free webinar on Love, Passion & Compassion before you dive deeper – read more about the webinar and a couples supper club under Events.

Thursday 2nd of May, 7pm - 9pm, for 8 consecutive Thursdays
Cuckooz nest, 24 Ray Street, EC1R 3DJ